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When you’ve got big celebrating (or relaxing) to do, we’ve got the wine for you. Both our Jackpot and Road 13 Traditional Method Sparkling Chenin Blanc bring just the right amount of refresh and relax. Pull up a chair, fill a glass, and start soaking up the sun with some Chenin.

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Barclay Robinson


“These old vines produce less fruit than younger vines but the quality is off-the-charts in terms of complexity and concentration of flavour.”

2012 Jackpot Sparkling
chenin blanC

special occasion wine

Beautifully balanced, crisp, and persistent — This sparkling comes alive when paired with a celebration of any kind.

“There is an additional 5 years of ageing that goes into making this Jackpot Sparkling. That combination of pressure and time creates a creaminess on the mid palate, a little bit more weight, and a very fine, elegant bubble.” – Barclay Robinson, Winemaker.

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2020 CHIP off the old block
chenin blanC


A clean finish with tropical fruitiness enhances the mid-palate, making this Chenin a match made in Heaven.

“The 2020 Chip off the Old Block has had some time in the bottle now and is now starting to develop some of those really nice melon and tropical notes. It’s true that not all whites get better with age but Chenin Blanc is one of those wines that gets better with time.” – Barclay Robinson, Winemaker.

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2017 Road 13 Sparkling
chenin blanC

traditional method sparkling

Subtle salinity, crisp acidity, and a kiss of minerality leaves you wanting more with each and every sip.

  1. Harvest Old Vine Chenin vines.
  2. Make base wine.
  3. Base wine is bottled.
  4. Additional yeast + sugar are added.
  5. Wine is placed under a crown cap.
  6. Yeast ferments sugar into alcohol until dry, creating Co2.
  7. Sparkling wine then ages on the dead yeast (aka: lees).
  8. These lees add bready notes and textural richness.
  9. Bottles are frequently turned and repositioned.
  10. Wine is disgorged and lees sediment removed.
  11. Dosage (a blend of sugar and wine) is added.
  12. Wine is corked and caged for ageing.
  13. Cheers to a job well done!
“This Traditional Method Sparkling comes from some of the oldest Chenin Blanc vines in North America!” Robinson explains. “Great balance between the fruit and acid combined with a delicate mousse make this a celebration-worthy wine.”

Barclay Robinson


No Pressure.
No Diamonds.

The bubbles in sparkling wine are a product of CO2, which is absorbed when fermentation occurs under pressure. Sure, making a Traditional Method Sparkling takes more hours and more time but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Both the Road 13 and the Jackpot Sparkling Chenin Blanc are labours of love and proof that there’s no shortcuts to greatness.

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