Honest Harvest

As hot as our summer was, just as the Farmers’ Almanac predicted, the very cool autumn has arrived. What does this mean for wine lovers? It’s an invitation to seek out big, bold wines that will pair perfectly with seasonal harvest foods. Your Fall Shipment is made up of some of our favorite picks for fall, ideal pairings for warm oven-roasted foods and chilly sweater weather.

At Road 13, we use these time-tested techniques to create the big, full-bodied wine, and this fall shipment is a testament to just that.


Join fellow Club 13 members as we open our Tasting Lounge for you to enjoy exclusive complimentary tastings of all six of our fall Wine Club selections. It’s an excellent opportunity to taste the latest from our Road 13 cellar, plus pick up your seasonal shipment in person while you’re here.


RESTOCK Your Favourite Wines

2020 Viognier

Club 13 Pre-Release

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2018 Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Celebration Ready

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2021 Chip off the Old Block Chenin Blanc

From Our Backyard

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2019 Jackpot 5th Element

Power and Balance

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2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

Southern Vineyard(s) Comfort

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2019 GSM

Powerful Elegance

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Vine to Wine

“We’re getting great results from the year that’s been given to us, and we’re excited about the fruit coming in. It’s tasting great”

Barclay Robinson


Every fall signifies the wildly anticipated harvest season. During harvest our unbelievable vineyard team proves their relentless commitment to delivering quality fruit from every last block. Harvest humbly reminds us that mother nature truly is in control, and we have no choice but to work on her schedule.

This year’s summer was very warm, and fall is proving to be quite cool, which means our harvest team will be working around the clock to bring our fruit in swiftly. This season is resulting in lower sugar concentration levels in the fruit, contrasted by complexly nuanced and developed flavours. We know we’re going to get some amazingly bold wines from 2022.  

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