John Oliver Selection

The Premier who is not a late night show host

Rediscover our small-batch selection of bold reds nurtured in estate-farmed vineyards. Gently aged in hand-selected oak barrels chosen by Winemaker Barclay. These wines honour legacies forged in the fires of persistence inspired by John Oliver, an indomitable Okanagan politician who played a pivotal role in shaping our region. A distinguished farmer who believed in the power of land and community.

Step into history with these big reds, and let’s raise a glass to the heart and heritage of the Okanagan.


Sure, we're winemakers. But we're farmers at heart. John Oliver was never shy to don his overalls to get things done, and neither are we. There's good dirt on our hands and real fortitude in our spirit. And that's what drives us to make organic wines that we know you love.