Love is Blind

Fall in love with your favourite Road 13 wines in a whole new way.

If you’re looking to shake things up, try tasting your Road 13 wines blind. Blind tasting forces us to pay close attention to what’s in the glass giving a true and unencumbered taste of time and place.

Are you ready to love the wine you’re with?

Here’s how it works…


STEP 1. Pick a pair
(of secret wines)


STEP 2. Pour and sip
(sweetheart optional) 


STEP 3. Rip the wrap
(the big reveal)

Blind Tasting Sets

All reds. All the time.

Better Together

$66 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

These two Road 13 reds just go better together, and probably always will. A match made in heaven, you won’t want to have it any other way. 

Powerful Pair

$107 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

One old favourite red and one brand new, bold red make up this powerful pair. Are you ready to close your eyes and jump right in?

A Love Story

$130 / 2 bottle set
+ complimentary gift box

A wine love story you’ll want to write a rom-com about. This reds combination is the best of our best and set to impress.